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Rachel currently serves as the secretary on the board of the Maine Cheerleading Coaches Association, which works to educate cheer coaches and raise college scholarships for cheer athletes throughout the state. She is also the head varsity cheer coach at Medomak Valley High School in Waldoboro, and was previously the varsity coach at Rockland District High School from 1997-2004.

Beaches, barbeques, and….what???

It’s summertime! For most of us, this means beaches, barbeques, and cheerleading. Wait, did I say cheerleading? Okay, maybe summertime only means cheerleading for a select few crazy coaches. Like myself. I won’t deny it. I have to assume it’s not much different for highly competitive basketball coaches who host summer youth programs and whose […]

Safety in Numbers

Cheerleading is more dangerous than all other sports. There are more injuries and more emergency room visits in cheerleading than in football. There are several high school and college cheer teams that have been prohibited from stunting and tumbling because catastrophic injuries have occurred. You may have seen the video of the college cheerleader who […]